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Rise Up

Jan 1, 2005

I break the power of confusion. I break the power of confusion. I speak order into chaos. The Holy Spirit comes as creative God and brings order into chaos, into confusion.

Rise up. Rise up. Rise up above the constant chatter. Rise up to highest place where the cackling of devils stops. There is the refuge, a rest, a resurrection, a place of rejoicing. It's in Tabernacles where there is order . . . harmony . . . unity . . . beauty of holiness. It is a holy place. The Holy of Holies. A place of worship.

Touch His grace. Touch His grace. In your rebellion, iniquity, hostility on earth, rise up in Christ Jesus to the place He has prepared for you. You know that place . . . where you are seated in heavenly places in Christ, at the right hand of Christ. A place where devils fear. A place of peace and power. It is a place of the presence of the living God.
. . .

I am the Holy One of Israel. They will cry peace, peace in a land that knows no peace. Keep your eyes open O watchman on the wall. Look at My city, Jerusalem. Do not see with the wisdom of men. Go back and see with the wisdom of Christ. They will say, "There He is. "Here He comes." I will confound the wisdom of the wise. Where is Holy Jerusalem?

The earth only begins to quake. Those who destroy the earth will be destroyed by it. (Rev. 11.14-19, esp. v 18)

Do not grow weak, O watchman on the wall. Remember your post. Remember the Lord your God. For I am coming in the clouds, and every eye will see Me, and every knee will bow.

Do not weep for those who drink of the wine press of the wrath of the Lamb. They shall see Whom they pierced, and they will feel My woundedness. Who weeps for the Son of God? Who weeps for Christ, [who gave Himself] to save My people? Yet did I not say, "Do not weep for Me, weep for the people"? (Luke 23.28)

I am the Lord of the Covenant, and My sons are rising up, and they will manifest My glory, and My glory will cover the earth.

Do not get sidetracked into small things, for something is happening in your midst that is great and grand as I am great.

Hear O heavens and listen O earth, for I am sounding the alarm. It is the call of assembly. It is the call to war. It is the call to worship. For I am coming in clouds. I will prevail to do all My good pleasure.

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