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Robbery in the Burnt Offering

May 9, 2003

You are sober O Watchman, as you should be, but you will soon rejoice, for I am rising up to meet the oppressors of My people. And when I come, will My people repent? Will they see their sin and iniquity and the price of their redemption? Or will they continue to mock and make light of the Blood of My Son?

Am I not glorious, and is there not a heaviness, the weight of My glory? Is not My Son glorious, the glory of Israel? Who else embodied the servant son as My Son? Who else qualified as the suffering servant of Israel?

I hate robbery in the burnt offering. Have they not and do they not rob the burnt offering by diminishing the price of Blood for redemption and to make propitiation for My wrath?

Is it not the sin of Cain to come and present persons and property, sacrifices without blood, without the burnt offering? They come with first fruits, a meat offering, but make no offering for satisfaction of My wrath.

Only the Blood of My Son! Yet they do not honor Him, so shall I look askance at this? Do not they neglect a so great salvation?

Enough. I come to judge the house. And I will fill the house where My Son is glorified and the price paid for redemption. They will know I am a holy God not to be trifled with. I am the Lord. Beside Me there is no savior.

Repent. Come in access as I have prescribed -- My way --according to My Word. I have spoken, and I will not relent, for I am the Lord. I change not.

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