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The Beauty of the Blood


During a private time with the Lord, I received: I am the Mighty One of Israel who answers you, the Holy One in your midst. Do not fear, for I am here, Your Protector. I slaughter your enemies. I feed and clothe you. I watch over you with great care. I love you. I comfort you in times of distress. I am yours, your God, your Lover, your Friend, your Provider. I speak and creation moves, shifting to My command. I am the Voice of Many Waters.

I come to you today. Write. Let the handwriting be on the wall. Babylon is fallen. I have overcome. I overcome every enemy with the greatness of My power…I am a God of surprises. I act suddenly, unexpectedly. I am most creative, don't you agree? [I had to agree!]

Be vigilant, be sober, for your adversary, the devil, roams like that roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. He seeks to consume, tempting with things that corrupt. He aims downward. Watch and pray. Watchmen on the wall look for approaching enemies, warning of impending trouble that those who listen might prepare, defend, and destroy.

People are motivated to do what to them will bring satisfaction, pleasure. They seek satisfaction. They seek to fill empty places with what will satisfy. To satisfy thirst, they drink. To satisfy hunger, they eat. To satisfy greed, they ______. They fill perceived lack, weakness, shortfall. They strive for divinity for created in My image, there is within them that vestige of knowing Me, Source and Supplier. They want to be god with power, knowledge, presence, purpose, pleasure. I do as I please, what gives Me pleasure, what satisfies. People do so, but corruptly so, in their pursuits. They want to be Me. They want to do as I do. Lucifer prompts and promotes the bent toward evil.

Comfort My people with the beauty of My holiness. My Blood is beautiful to those who behold the plan of My Father.

With this I focused on the beauty of the Blood. It is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ that we discover:

1. Reconciliation heals and restores a broken relationship.
2. Redemption delivers from bondage.
3. Atoning sacrifice removes the barriers of sin with its guilt, liability and shame.
4. Propitiation satisfies the burden of God's wrath and curse.
5. Destruction of enemies looses the bindings of death, opening eyes blinded by Satan.

To this I received the response of Jesus: Beauty beckons the soul with its attractiveness. My Blood attracts those desiring the love of My Father. My Blood is lovely to those burdened with guilt and shame. My Blood is forever fresh as it cleanses eternally. Honorable. The Father honors My Blood as the price paid to redeem you. Harmony. My Blood orchestrates harmony between you and My Father, bringing what is discordant to perfect resolution.

A thing of Beauty, My Blood. Its
color of crimson carries life within it, for it propitiates all wrath, absorbs anger, consumes the Curse.

I thought of red, the base of the color spectrum, and of purple, the top of the spectrum. Then:
My Blood deals with sin and corruption at its base that you might rise in resurrection to the kingly and royal position as children of My Father. As it dried to black, it carried sin and death, but so it washed you white with its power to cleanse.

My Blood communicates an eternal message, and so it speaks what is beautiful to a sin distraught soul. Purity of form and function. My Blood has beauty, for I am the spotless Lamb, pure, holy, an acceptable sacrifice. Complex but not confused. All goes according to My Father's decree, in order, without confusion, simply profound. You come to it again and again to drink of My Blood, to fathom its depths, to gaze at Grace.

Unity. I am the all in all and in Me all things consist. Without My Blood is chaos. Peace through My Blood unifies and brings unity and oneness to all creation. Thus My Blood separates the godly from the ungodly. It stands to sift, for only what passes through the Blood can enter the place of God.

My Blood is beautiful. It evokes emotion, the emotion of joy, the ecstasy of the ravishing love of My Father, Myself, and My Spirit. To behold the beauty of the Blood is to feel joy, peace, love, confidence, strength, for it connects you to the Source that satisfies you with what is
good. Drink deeply of My Blood until you are satisfied that God is satisfied.

As we "plead the Blood," bringing before God the sacrifice of Christ as our only hope of salvation, the only way back to the Father, the Blood witnesses against all the forces of evil and darkness. Be assured, it is the fragrance of life and will attract God's own with its beauty; but to the sons of Satan, it is the smell of death. We apply the Blood to our hearts and lives by faith, by our words said in faith that God's Word is truth, and so we "cover ourselves with the Blood." By faith by the Blood of Jesus, He purges our conscience from dead works to serve the Living God. (Hebrews 9) And remember, the Spirit comes where the Blood of Jesus is applied.

Jesus gave us His gift of love as He shed His Blood and saw it placed on the Mercy Seat over the Law in the Heavenly Tabernacle (Hebrews 9). You, His elect, are the object of His love.

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