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The Blackout Will Come

Aug. 17, 2003

I am the Lord thy God who calls you out of the wall, who calls you to be a light unto the world, who calls you out of darkness to shine in the midst of darkness as great darkness comes to cover the land.

Comfort ye My people with the comfort where in you are comforted, evil shall increase and darkness grow thick. Yet I shall have places of refuge, places of light, that those who do not love the darkness may flee to the light and find shelter in the light, a place of safety and a place of rest for their quaking souls.

The man emerges. He energizes the evil and draws power to himself from the smoking flax and the burning candles. He draws power from the chants, the blood of sacrifice and ritual. He draws power from places on the earth, seats of satan. He does not generate power on his own, for he is no source in himself.

The blackout will come -- moral darkness as has not been seen, major in its scope, deadly in its path of destruction.

I the Lord have called and called My people to repentance. I have sent My messengers everywhere. They have spoken in every language. They have preached and prophesied and warned and rebuked and exhorted. They have been heard and not heard, seen and not seen.

My heart churns within Me, yet the people do not repent. There is injustice in the land, gross injustice, immorality, breaking of My laws and ways.

Have I not said in My word? Have I not warned in my word? Am I as those who lie and do not the truth? Surely, My judgments are just. Surely, My ways are righteous.

Prepare for slaughter. Prepare your hearts to hide from the wave of wickedness rising as a tidal wave to sweep the land. Do not be amazed at the evil in men's hearts. Do not stand in their place to defend them. Psalm 1.

Come unto Me, and I will make you a tree of righteousness. Take the Tree and put it into the waters of Marah (Ex 15), and I will make bitter waters sweet. Come to the Tree that can change you. Bring hyssop and be cleansed. Be delivered from the curse of death and destruction.

Oh that My people would repent of their carnal ways, yet they seek in their worship to be entertained, to be puffed up in spiritual pride, to be more than Me and higher than others. They do not worship Me. They worship themselves -- who they are in Christ, and not Me. They do not honor Me, but themselves who they think so wise for choosing Christ. These are puffed up with nostrils flaring and stomping hooves as horses parading around My throne.

They know nothing of Me, the sacrificial love of My Son, the forbearance of My Spirit. They flaunt a power that is not theirs and gifts they did but receive from Me.

Humble yourselves, people of God, and live. Resist pride. Resist the religion of your ways. Resist the perversions of truth that come because you look and hear and touch and taste and smell according to your carnality and the iniquity and idols of your hearts. (Ez. 14:4,5) Your thoughts are not captive to the obedience of Christ. For you see not nor hear nor smell His sacrificial love.

Sacrifice? What is it to you who have been bought by the life poured out of My Son?

Learn of Me, and I will teach you.

To sacrifice is to bear disappointment and heartache, to die as one godly for the ungodly, to set another's desires of the heart above your own, to pour out your life as a drink offering, to feel the repercussions of destinies chosen by the Father and not yourself.

Editor's note: The physical blackout that hit the U.S. and Canada occurred three days before this message was given -- Aug. 14th. Often things in the natural precede or reflect things in the spiritual. (e.g. 1 Cor. 15)

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