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The Chariots are Gathering

Word Received by
Marcia Murray
February 9, 2009

I am the Living God (not out from among the dead)

The chariots are gathering,
the riders ready.
Death; then Hades follows.
Deep darkness has covered the earth.
The winds die down,
the air thick,
hard to breathe.

Divorce has brought about violence.
Never has man expected this level of outpouring of evil.
And they thought there was some good in every man.

Chariots ride,
fires burning down under,
those fields of opium.
They disgust Me.

That is My land;
and they corrupt My land for they are greedy
and they have holes in their pockets.

No way to hold on.
Poverty do they plant,
a field of death.
Plow up the ground,
tear down the altar,
and live.

Tell Australia, plow the fallow ground. Plant life. My Word brings life. They are deceived; and death rides its waves over that land.

Smoke billows.
Hard or impossible to breathe.

Are you paying attention, America? America, where is your beauty? Where did you hide? Where did you go? You have had freedom unprecedented to mankind. What did you do with your dream? You lifted your skirt, showed your thigh, and other lovers lined up. Now your condition is that of a sick, impoverished prostitute. The sale of your love is not desirable by your lovers any more. They line up, waiting to see you fall that they may pick your flesh, then part out your bones. Do you see it? Your sin has made you a disgrace. You are no more a bright city shining on a hill; but you are like a dungeon for every foul spirit.

Cry, weep, wail, for destruction is upon you. Cry out, My people. Bring an offering of repentance fit for the King. Think!

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