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The Glory of the Lord Covers the Earth

Received by Mary Craig
April 4, 2009

Yet a little while and you wil see the destruction of your enemies. You will rise to new heights. You will rise to reign in the power of the Highest to build and to plant, to uproot and to destroy, to set the nations in order, to go to nations where I send you. Do not presume where I will send you. It will not come from your heart or mind but from Mine.

I am He who travels on the wind to reach into the hearts of men to touch and to transform their lives. I am He who lives and breathes life into what is dead, dying, and moving to the grave.

I am the Lord and I rule with an iron rod, a rod of justice tempered by mercy.

Come to the waters and drink. Do not be moved by the cacophony of demons. They smirk and mock and jump up and down. They can do you no harm. Laugh. See their silly antics and attempts. Be respectful, but laugh.


Go to Iceland and announce the coming of the Glorious One in their midst. Rout out the demons of ancestry, alcohol, abuse, Abaddon, Apollyon, anger, adversary, adversarial entities, confusion, collective pride, organized crime, violence, cloaking of righteousness, covetousness, clever, conspiracy, all that is hidden, secret, in the dark. Rebuke darkness, poverty of soul, bludgeoning of animals/seals, killing for greed/profit not for food, waste.

Carry the Mantle of Truth of Christ Jesus to the land and spread it over the land. Cover the creation-land and animals and plants-with the Mantle of Glory that I may turn the hearts to preserve and protect the Creation, the environment-air, seas, water, land, soil. Take a packet of seeds and plant them into the soil and command that grace be given to those souls with the soil of humility; that grace will cause to grow a harvest of souls to come out of darkness into the light of the Living God by the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

Speak to the four winds and command the winds to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to the four corners of the earth in truth and righteousness, soundness, holding to the purity of the gospel.

Command the glory of the Lord to cover the earth, His righteousness to all generations, that the glory of the Lord will cover the earth until the whole creation is filled with the glory of the Lord.

To all who refuse you, they will bear reproach as having reproached Me. Pray this does not happen for their sakes. These despise what they do not know or understand.

Be gracious. I will complete all work I have in My heart and mind to do in Iceland and in Greenland. As you touch the soil you release that work I will do. You are the Instrument of Release. I am the Arm of the LORD. You, a mouth for the Voice of the Lord; I, the Arm for the hand of the Lord, an outstretched arm....


Go in peace. Trust Me. I love you.

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