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The Kingdom and Prophecy -- Not Before God's TIme


O watchman on the wall, keep your eye on Jerusalem, for things are going on behind the scenes in secret and these, certain ones, seek to bring about by force My kingdom. These, certain ones, want to do things to put into motion events to force the fulfillment of prophecies spoken by My servants the prophets.

Nevertheless, even if Satan himself inspires his earthly hosts to work events concerning My kingdom, to thwart Me and My Word, he cannot cause My Word to fail. For all things will work together to the performance of My will and of My good pleasure. I will stand, and he will fall.

So look and behold what I do in the world. Watch and be ready. Prepare your hearts. Seek Me and live. Run into Me as your hiding place, your Refuge. Overcome even as I overcame. Your faith will not fail, for I intercede for you.

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