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The Kings of The Earth; The King Who Prevails

May 30th, 2010

My son, I am doing marvelous things in the world. I am shaking what can be shaken and we will see the fall out -- what falls out.

Be assured the leaven of Herod is infiltrating the nation, invasive, spreading its poisonous falsehoods. The kings of the earth have been called to the Great Battle and are rising to form their armies, gathering their troops, plotting their strategies in a rise against the Creator/Redeemer, a rebellion such as not been seen in the course of history. Ps. 2 The kings of the earth conspire, joining together the forces of evil and their evil kingdoms against the Lord and against His Christ.

How dark can it get? How dark is it without the light of God tempering the darkness? What shines into the darkness to break its power, to stop its spreading to cover the earth?

Deep darkness, Deep darkness as in a cave in the belly of the earth. Such comes as immorality grows, as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, violence as in the days of Noah. Powers gather under the kings of torment, pride and destruction.

I am He who rules and reigns in truth and out of love, commanding light to shine into the darkness. I will prevail. Mine will come to Me and all of Mine will be saved, kept, prevail.

Be wise my son. Act in wisdom, Listen carefully and discern the times. Be strong and endure. Fight the good fight of faith.

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