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The One Who Comes to You in the Still Small Voice

Word received July 27, 2007
Mary Craig

I am the Almighty, the One who comes to you in the still small voice. Though I but whisper, My words moved by My breath have power to do what is in My mind and heart to do. I am the Creator, and I create as My words move in power, the breath of My mouth moving the words, to bring life to them by the power of My Spirit.

I am the Living Spirit, the living pneuma, the living ruach. I am life-giving. I am the Lord of Life, Ruach Adonai.

Even in a whisper, My words are weighty for I am the Glorious One, and all that emanates and goes forth from Me, My Being, is glorious. I am the Glorious One who breathes life from the center of My Being and so you live and move and have your being in Me. I am the Source of all life and blessing.

My words on My breath become a river of life. I am the Living Waters where life teems and wherever the river goes, there is healing.

The fire of My holiness moves out on My breath to consume My enemies and all that is contrary to Me. I am the Spirit of Burning and Judgment and My judgments are right, righteous, and true, for I see what is in men’s hearts. I know their thoughts and see their deeds. I hear. I see. I am He who judges in equity. I am the Standard by which I judge My creation, for who or what is so glorious as I?

All of heaven worships Me. Every holy angel stands and attends to hear My commands to do them. And are they not ministering spirits to Mine? Are not My angels with you? For I am in you in Christ and My angels hover to hear and obey My commands.

You are blessed to know Me for in knowing Me you understand when I am doing things.

I have called you by name and you are Mine. Nothing can change that. For who or what could pluck you from My hand or tear you out of My heart? I love you and keep you ever before Me. I have ordained your steps and ordered your life. No matter what befalls you, I am here with you. I am your God and I love you. I am more than your Creator. I am your Redeemer. I am your heavenly Father.

Now stand before Me, Father to son, son to Father, face to face. Look at Me and let My light shine upon you. Let My life be breathed into you. Let My love envelop you. Let My holiness surround you. Let My arms enfold you.

Embrace all that I am for I do not change. I am the Lord. I change not. Embrace Me even as I embrace you. Let Me be God to you and love you. Let My perfect love cast out fear. Walk in the beauty of holiness for I am a holy God. You will not grow weary for I am your strength. I am the Strength of Israel.

I have revealed My Name to you. I am all in all. I create the light and form the darkness. Darkness and light—I am the Father of lights, the Giver of every good and perfect gift. All things are created by Me and for Me.

I am the Bright and Morning Star. I shine forth even in the Day because of the brightness of My glory.

Consider whiteness. What is white? Consider blackness. What is black? Consider the prism as it breaks open the colors in white. I am the Father of lights. I am the Lord of life.

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