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The Two Jerusalems
The Light in the Darkness

July 30, 2010

Dare I say to you, O Watchman on the wall, what is in My heart to say or to say what is in My mind to speak?

Look to the Middle East, O Watchman, and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

For they plot against Jerusalem to lay siege to the city. Abominations rise up in the mind of devils. They conspire against the Lord and against His Christ.

What is this they conspire? For they would see the destruction of Jerusalem, a city full of idolatries and whoredoms.

And yet there is a Jerusalem that no devil can touch, a heavenly city. Look now to that Heavenly City, that heavenly Jerusalem, to Mount Zion, and to those myriad of worshipping there.

The bees swarm. There is a buzzing - stingers. [Ps. 118:10-12] Just when it seems that all is lost; all is not lost. For the Son of Man will come with His holy ones on clouds of glory. Do not fear.

Do not fear for the days that are coming but watch and be ready. Worship Me.

Demons are empowered by worship, by those who enthrone them in their lives. Dark devils in their lives. Dark devils rise from the pit from the very depths of darkness to cover the earth. In deep darkness.

Look to the Light within. In the days of deep darkness you will find the Light of Jesus Christ within those who are His. [Is. 60:1-3]

The Morning Star rises. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

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