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The United States of America and My People

Aug. 5, 2011

Look O watchman on the wall. For my eye turns to the United States of America. Look at their apathy. Even the apathy of my own people. They are not watching, and they are not ready. They are not humble. They do not see Christ. They do not see Christ in each other. There is no joy in their lives. My heart weeps for them. And what shall I say? Who will stand in the gap? For have I not already turned and looked to find anyone, anyone, until my own Arm brought salvation? And now that salvation has come. And where will my people go? What more can I do now? For is it not complete?

For I tell you there is something that lies even at the very door. And is like an abyss. And it's mouth is open. And the draw of it, and the pull of it is to draw my people into the abyss. Yet they do not cry, cry unto me. And it is like a hydra. And it rises up. And my people are blind to it. They are blind to it. And they don't care. For they go happily along in their daily life. As in the days of Noah. Their god is their belly. And like a baby they cry only for milk. And what shall I do with this generation? Watchman on the wall, watch. For my eyes move to and fro over the United States of America. And the rise and fall of the nations is in my mouth. So many proud forget the word of truth. The proud in heart, the haughty spirit. And will my people humble themselves? Do they even know what humility is? Do they even care? For they are a people who do not know their God. They have only a God of their own making.

But you, son of David, cry in repentance for the sins. Ask for the grace for my people to turn from their wicked ways. For how they love to quote the Scripture and leave out "turn from their wicked ways." Is that not the fast that I require? It is to turn from sin. To abstain from the sin. The sin that fills their hearts with pride. The sin that strengthens them in their soul; In the flesh. Pray for grace O son of David. The world is at a precipice. And how shall it go? There will come a time, and it will go like dominoes. And nothing will stop it. They open the door. Who will stand in the gap? Who will stand between the dead and the living to stop the plague? I tell you, the clue is quote, "at the very door", unquote. [James 5:9]

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