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The Vultures Attack and Devour; I Come for a Holy Bride

June, 2009
Mary Craig
Fort Lauderdale, FL

The vultures gather as death and destruction are loosed over the land. They abide their time.

Does no one see? Are their heads in the sand? I tell you, no, but My people fail to cover themselves from attack.

The attack is slow. The vultures will swoop, pick at wounded flesh, bite and devour. And where is the covering for My people? And who will shield them in the day of battle?

The Lion roars against the vultures, but what is there left of the prey? For it is the day of rottenness and putrefaction. The Spoiler has spoiled and only a stench rises from heaps of rotting flesh in the blazing sun.

You say, how vicious; but do you not see your rotten flesh and smell the stench of your sin in My nostrils?

Sin crouches at the door and its desire (aim) is for you, but you must master it. Gen 4.7

I am He who comes for a holy Bride. Put away the perversion of your worship and your ways. Put away the froward mouth, deceit, lies, whoredoms. Under every green tree idols gawk, gloat, and grow as a wild olive shoot.

But I will spoil the work of the Spoiler. I will anoint My people with fresh oil, heal their wounds, bring health to their bones and teeth, and restore the ruins and waste places and desolate cities. I will heal My backslidden people. I will remove, cut out, uproot, cast out, rebuke their iniquities, crush demonic strongholds, and establish My people in righteousness.

You do not know what the day brings forth for kingdoms clash now in the War of Apollyon. Powers and principalities move in furious pursuit of territories. In the heavens the battle rages.

But I am seated on a Throne of Grace, a Throne of Glory. And the spoils of war come to Me as offerings to the High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek. And enemies become My footstool.

The last enemy is death that Mine who overcome not suffer the Second Death but receive the crown of life to abide in Me forever into the ages.

Stand in My righteousness against evil and in the evil day. Stand. Stand firm. Pursue holiness for without holiness no one will see, comprehend, know, understand, face with open eyes, the Lord.

Mary, I am coming soon for My people; but many are not ready. They worship what they do not know. They feign worship to Me but perversion is in their hearts, impurity

I come for a holy Bride, spotless. I am He who cleanses of all unrighteousness, who covers a multitude of sins with My love. Glorify Me. Ascribe worth to Me.

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