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The Winds of War


...Put your finger in the air. The winds of war are become the winds of peace, but it is not My peace, so it will not last. It is but a wind contrary to My will, and so it will not prevail. If it persists, it will create turmoil, like a tornado or a hurricane. Therefore, pray against those who would stand opposed to My will, and pray that My will will prevail. Remember when they rebelled against Moses and Aaron, the plague came and Aaron ran with the censor and he stood between the dead and the living, so that the plague was stopped. It is such a time to stand between the dead and the living to stop the plague. There is no peace for the wicked.

Come all you peoples of the earth and see what I shall do in your midst, for the peoples profane My holy Name and spit in My face, saying, "Where is the God of Elijah?" And these have tested My patience and longsuffering, My mercy and graciousness, for I am slow to anger and to kindle My wrath.

But I am God and no man. I do not lie nor do I waiver from My desires and purposes. For I know what is in the heart of man, the evil intent, the greed and desire for evil. I am not as man nor do I think man's thoughts after him.

I am the Lord. That is My name, and I am coming to judge the nations, to sift and sort the dead from the living and I shall be worshiped on My holy mountain.

Yes, it is My mountain, for I am the Creator and the earth is Mine. My holy hill is Mine. It belongs to Me and I am coming to possess what is Mine.

I AM. Do you hear, O nations of the earth? You will bow before your Creator who made you. Nevertheless, I suffer long in My love and you do not and will not receive as your sins deserve, for I desire that all My elect come to the knowledge of the truth.

I see My Son, His blood. You do not honor Him, but I do and I will. I am the Lord and I am coming.

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