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Watch, I AM Coming, Hold Fast to My Word

Fri. 1/16/09

O watchman on the wall, watch Jerusalem now for Condi Rice has been My servant. She has prayed, sought my face for My will and I have given her favor, steadfastness, strength, discipline, and graciousness in her position.

Watch now Jerusalem for you will soon see what I will do, for, yes, change is coming. But do not think all change is good for the mere sake of change.

Watch Egypt now and put your ears close for the treaties and stipulations coming forth. History will repeat itself -- like a nation / Pharaoh who did not know Joseph and like a nation who knows not the LORD and the Book of the LORD.

Go to, you who say I will do this or that tomorrow. You do not know what tomorrow will bring. Say -- if the Lord wills -- James 4:13-16.

I know. I AM the LORD. And I will tell My servants the prophets what is coming to prepare My people.

Look and live -- Take your rest in Me.

I am coming in clouds and every eye will see Me. I am King of kings and Lord of lords and I am coming against the evil kings of the Earth until they are destroyed. I am bringing a great deliverance to My people. Do not be deceived for they will say -- There is the Messiah; there is our savior! Do not be fooled. I AM the true light.

Hold fast to My Word. Hide it in your heart. Soon it may become scarce...

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