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Watch Jerusalem


Look at Jerusalem, O watchman on the wall. Is this the city where peace reigns? Where righteousness reigns? I am coming to you, Jerusalem. And you will know the One Whom you pierced, the King-Priest of Jerusalem. For I am coming to you, Jerusalem. I have placed the walls around My city. And you are inside those walls. And through those walls there will be no escape. Awesome and terrible, and you will tremble before the LORD God the Almighty. You will cry out and plead, but more than your tears and your cries coming to My throne, the cry of the martyrs, the cry of the prophets, the cries of the blood of My Son. Whose cry will I hear? I will honor the cry of My Son, of the martyrs, of the prophets, of all creation groaning. I will hear. It will not be long now. Heaven is preparing. Angels await the command. So keep watching Jerusalem...

9/28 Ps. 51:17-19

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