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Watchman of the City


Jerusalem is the city on the hill. Lift up your voice like a trumpet. Spare not. Declare the sins of the people to the people. The watchman who hears the sound and doesn't sound the shofar, and is not making a clear sound to warn the city, he is culpable for every corpse of the unprepared city. In everything you do, you must spare not. Cry loud and long, and risk until you are hoarse. Lift up. When they did not respond or prepare, and the enemy comes into the city, and you see the mound of corpses, this bothers you. You are not liable for their blood. You do your job. That is all that is required. See. Warn. You don't have to fight. The watchman gets down and gets the flock out. After the alarm is sounded, the protection of the city. He looks for what is coming -- the King of Glory.

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