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What Do You See?


O watchman on the wall, what do you see?  Do you see Me working in the affairs of men?  Do you see Me working in hearts, to turn them from the evil way?  Do you see the results of My wind blowing across lands and nations, the wind of My Spirit?

Watchman, look not only to the hills of Jerusalem now, but to the world, the cosmos, for I am doing something in your midst that will astound and amaze, that will comfort some and strike terror in others.

I am true to My Word and everything I have decreed will surely come to pass.  Do not fear circumstances.  Fear Me, the living God.  I am a consuming fire.  I am the High and Lofty One and yet I dwell with the humble in heart.

Seek Me and live.  Hide in Me from the wrath to come, for the great and terrible Day of the Lord comes.  I come with healing in My wings as I come in judgment to deliver My creation from sin and satan.  I judge the living and the dead.  I am He who lives and lives forevermore and I have in My hands the keys of death and hell.  I hold the key of David, to shut what no one can open and open what no one can shut.

I am He, the Amen, the faithful and true witness.  Trust Me.

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