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What is Coming?

What is coming? What is coming? I am coming, says the Lord of Hosts. I am coming with a mighty army of Mine, and I will cover the earth with My glory.

I will speak, and it shall be so. As I pursue and defeat My enemies, they will fall before Me and Mine as nothing. For am I not the Creator, Jehovah Elohim?

I am holy. I am not as you, yet you partake of the divine nature as sons. Yet I am God the Lord, and will not share My glory.

Glorify Me. Honor Me that I may honor you.

Put your ear to the wind and listen. What do you hear? Look. What do you see? Sniff. What do you smell? What do your senses tell you? Is it not freedom in the air? Is it not liberty? The liberty of the sons of God?

Walk as free. Submit to the law of liberty, the perfect law of liberty. It is yours, but at great price. For you are the redeemed of the Lamb slain.

Honor the Lamb and the blood, for the blood is the price of the liberty in which you stand.

I am coming, and My angels will look for those who are branded with My mark. Are you one? Repent. The time is short now, and Satan knows it. Bear the brand mark of Christ. Rise and walk as free. You are free. Walk in truth.

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