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What Do You Want, Mozambique?

May 12, 2006

As the heat has entered your room, so I will come as the Spirit of burning and judgment to Mozambique. As the only relief has been a gentle breeze, so the only relief to Mozambique will come from the wind of my Spirit.

What do you want, Mozambique? For you resist and limit the Holy One of Israel, the Holy Spirit. You say you want the mighty rushing wind of My spirit. But all you will receive is a gentle breeze. You are double-souled. You halt between two opinions. I am coming to you Mozambique,. And the only relief from My visitation of judgments will be the manifestation of the blessed and only Potentate, the Elect One, the Blessed. Will you seek comfort from the Comforter?

For the blood cries out. You have killed your own. And what will satisfy? There is none but the blood of Jesus. Will you mock Him now or will you embrace the crucified, risen, the ascended into glory One?

I am the Righteous Judge, the judge of all the earth who does right. Repent, or you will surely perish. For I have sent My own to you Mozambique, and you gave them no ear. You wanted stuff more than you wanted the Savior. But I am the Source, "Lord of the stuff", and the only Savior. Will your god save you? I think not.

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