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Where am I?


Where am I? Where am I? I am running across the mountains. I am running across the mountains. I am running across the hills and down into the valleys. I am running to the streams and across the rivers. The earth is the LORD's and the fullness thereof; the world and they that dwell therein. I am outside the camp. I am at the right hand of the Father. I have prepared my army. I am on a white horse. I am raising the banner.

O do not forget Jerusalem. Watch Jerusalem. Remember, it's about Jerusalem. I am on the mountain. I am in the valley. Where can they go from my spirit. I am in the highest heaven. I am in the deepest part. And the wind of the Spirit is blowing.

They forgot about Me. I am most free. Who tells me? Who counsels Me? Who stops Me? I am the LORD. Watch. Be ready. My heart was broken, but I am strong. I am very strong. I am the beauty you seek. I am the holiness you need. I am the life you desire. I am the place where you must go.

It is not long now. I have been patient. Be patient. It is not long now.

Rev. 6:1,2; Rev. 19:11-21; SS 2:8; Ps. 24:11; Ex. 33:7; Luke 23:26-33; Heb. 13:10-14; Ps. 137:5,6

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