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Where Are The People of God?

June 25th, 2010

O watchman on the wall. Look around you, for the kings are preparing for battle. They are forming their armies. They are preparing their soldiers. They are preparing to fight.

And what of my people, O watchman on the wall? Who will contend for the faith? Who will fight the good fight? Who will war the warfare?

For the kings of the earth gather. They conspire against the LORD and against His anointed.

And where are the people of God? Do they prepare themselves to be good soldiers? Do they discipline themselves for war? For soon, O watchman on the wall, they will be in a fight for their lives.

I tell you the serpent is rising. That old dragon. Death and destruction. Rising, Rising. And satan goes around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

And who, O man of God will rise up against him?

The Lion of Judah roars. Fire and roaring. Master of Breakthroughs. The Breaker.

And who of My people will be unto me a king and a priest? For have I not loosed My people from their sins, that they might be to me a kingdom of priests? Kings and priests unto their God.

What are they doing? What are they doing? "O, satan's time is short," the say. "For that is the word of God." So what time do they think they have?

You can hear the hoof beats. If you listen, you can hear the approach. If you are a little bird, you can hear the plotting and the conspiring. And a bird of the air can tell you.

I will fight for you. But you must overcome. As I overcame, you must overcome. [Rev. 3:20,21] Be an overcomer. Rom. 12:1,2

And do not quench the Holy Spirit. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit.

For I am coming and every eye will see Me. I am a consuming fire.

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