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Who Will be Ready? Who is Preparing?


Call Me Jehovah for I am the Covenant Lord. Call Me Breaker, the Breaker, for I give you the neck of your enemies. Call Me Master of Breakthroughs for I make a way where there is no way.

I am doing something in the earth (which I made) that will astound scientists, for surely I must keep them exploring, keep them wondering, keep them "guessing". They see the work of My hands and some see the soul of My heart. Few honor Me as Creator (those that know Me truly as Redeemer). Even the wrath of man will praise Me!

Comfort My people for I do not neglect them in their days of need. I am moving in the midst of My people to purify, to sanctify, to cleanse now for all things must be made ready for the Great Appearing.

Do you hear the hoof beats? They are galloping now, growing in number, growing in strength, growing closer. Who will be ready in the day of battle? Who will bury the dung that I might come on their battlefield to war for them? Who will have fresh oil in their lamps? Who is preparing for that Great Day of the Lord? [Ezek. 37; Rev 9; Deut. 23:13; Mat. 25:1-13; Acts 2:20; Rev. 16:14, etc.]

Be still and know that I am God. Come before Me with a meek and quiet spirit. Sanctify Me as Lord, the one who is in control of your life.

I am the God of Israel, the light of Israel, the consolation of Israel, the glory of Israel My glory, the strength of Israel. I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and I will remember My covenant and remember the Land. Lev. 26

I come to you tonight as the Breaker for no enemy will stand before Me but every knee will bow and I will have the neck of My enemies. I will provide for My people, protect, preserve, pity, pursue, bless. I am jealous for My people. I am the faithful God who keeps covenant.

Quench not the Spirit. My people will go out as lambs to the slaughter. Follow the Lamb wherever He goes. He answered in silence. Learn of Him now. 1 Peter Many are coming into tribulation and persecution. Pray to shorten the days.

I am in the midst. Be strong.

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