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Who Will Enter the Heart of a Holy God?

March 15, 2013

Darkness sweeps over your land now; a moral darkness moves in like a fog through your land.

Where is compassion now? Where is empathy in times of pain, injustice, injury, sickness, depravity?

The people move beyond apathy to hardness of soul and heart. They are more that numb; they do not feel.

Who gave man his emotions? Is it not I, the LORD? Am I callous? Yet the people are callous. It is a virtual reality, a worldly reality, a reality of words based on the lying system of Satan.

The LORD is gracious, full of mercy, compassion, and loving-kindness, forgiving sin and iniquity. Jesus, faithful high priest, is touched with the feeling of your infirmities, but even My people, the hearts of My people, grow cold.

Who will weep and who will wail? Who will mourn and lament? Who will cry out to the LORD with strong crying?

I am looking for those who will give themselves to the Spirit of the LORD to move in them to lament with the strong emotions of the Spirit of God, to express His grief, His heartís cry.

Who will enter the heart of a holy God to be one with Him, not only in mind and will but also with His heart? Who will enter His agony?

Am I like you in your emotions? No, for I am perfect in all My ways and righteous in all My judgments. I am holy in all My attributes and perfect in character. My thoughts are not as man thinks in his imperfection and My heart is not froward. So I look for those who will manifest the fruit of My Spirit.

Your land increases in violence and the people in their callous apathy stare blankly on, drowning in death unawares.

O My people, give Me your hearts that I may control your emotions and bring you into holiness. Abide in Me and you will know My heart.

Sample Scriptures to pray: Jeremiah 4:19; The Book of Lamentations; Isaiah 57: Ezekiel 18:30-32; Ezekiel 20:5-44; Hosea chapters 11 and 14, Matthew 11:28-30; Matthew 23:37-39; Matthew 24:12; John 7:37, Romans 8:26, 27; Hebrews 2:1-4; Hebrews chapters 4 and 5

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