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Word for 2008

Word received November 30, 2007
Mary Craig

The eyes of the Lord move to and fro across the earth and who will stand in the gap before Me? For I see violence, violence covering the earth.

The mighty ones rise up in pride to lord it over the peoples under them, seeking to be served and to perpetuate their rule through a feigned democracy. These deceive themselves for they are strong only in their own eyes. To Me they are as grasshoppers. Isaiah 40

Then I see the oppressed buckling under the pressure of heavy weights, injustice, yokes. I see them turning here and there to idols, to witchcraft, to the creation, to anything that might deliver or fill their empty bellies.

I see the suffering, hear the cries of quiet desperation. I see children unrestrained in their ways, for even a child is known by his ways.

I see creation groaning as animals are sacrificed, slaughtered, and people turn to ancient rituals, ancient sacred places to assuage their guilt and clear their consciences.

I see darkness and deep darkness approaching as night falling. A new day approaches but before the dawn--evening.

Know that soon the light will break out, rising as the morn. The darkness comes, but rejoice for the dawn will break out and the light of the gospel will shine until the noonday sun.

And I will be the light breaking forth to shine into the darkness. Truth. Revelation. I am coming and every eye will see Me. I am coming and I will show up, shine forth, shoot down My enemies and strengthen the faith of Mine as I slay the Antichrist with the breath of My mouth and the brightness of My appearing. 2 Thessalonians 2

Mine for My people is a glorious salvation, but My people diminish Me. Where are the angels this Christmas? Where are the messengers that tell of Me as Minister and Mediator of the New Covenant in My Blood?

Who will go for Us and who will stand in the gap as darkness falls? Who will carry the cries of the voiceless to My ears? Who will bring to Me remembrance of the poor, the oppressed, the victims of injustice, the creation groaning?

Who will turn to the Father to embrace My love, My Law, My Life, My Light, My salvation?

There is an urgency coming in 2008 as the Day of Christ dawns--evening to morning. It will divide--nations, regions, governments, families, individuals. But I AM a unified whole and I will draw Mine. Isaiah 46

Let 2008 draw you to Me, for My Name is One and I am a unified whole. Draw or divide. In the drawing there is division; separation unto Me separates Mine from the others.

Be strong and very courageous for I am with you wherever you go. For whatever I ask you, My grace is sufficient to your weakness. 1 Peter 3.13 Who is there to harm you? Do what is right, pure, undefiled, faith unfeigned.

My favor is with you, resting upon you. The spirit world sees those on whom My favor rests. Trust Me, and do not fear and let not dread overtake any in the darkest hour, but overcome knowing the pattern of night and day.

I have spared. In all My holy hill, I have spared. For Zion's sake, though I shake, I will spare. Though the earth quake, I will spare. 2 Peter 2--righteous Lot.

Mike Huckabee -- he is a sheep among wolves. How the nation regards/treats him will determine what I do to your nation. For he is Mine and carries the cross. Watch him, for I will give him such a mouth of wisdom that his adversaries will not be able to gainsay nor contradict him.

Pray for intercessors for your nation stands at the edge of the abyss; and depending on whom the people cry out to lead them will determine whether they stand or fall from the precipice.

All things are now ready, and the nations gather for the Great War, but stand in the gap; for who knows?

2008. For some it will be a year of resurrection; those in the graves will rise in the power of the resurrection.
For some--redemption, as multitudes will come into the kingdom of God.
For some--rule, as they reign over sin, Satan, sickness, and the world system in their lives.
For some--reward, as they reap what they sow.
For some--a remnant, those who are Christ's at His coming, for as He is in His appearing, so shall they be. 1 Corinthians 15; Colossians 3.4

See Me. I am a unified whole. In Christ all things consist. Do not fear or let the dread of darkness fill your hearts, but be filled with Me, satisfied with the fullness of My Spirit.

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