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Words Received for 2016

December 19, 2015
Craighouse (alone)
Dr. Mary Craig

Write, Mary, for the things I am telling have been told before, in My Word, by My prophets, by My Son, by Me, the Holy One of Israel.

My words are living and active, bold and plain, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Have I not said it? Have I not warned? Have I not visited? Am I blind in My justice? Yes, I have said it and no, I am not blind in My justice. For I the LORD love justice. I hate robbery in the burnt sacrifice.

A spirit is rising to cover the earth with violence, to violate My laws, to violate My people, to devise iniquity by law, to rebel against the boundaries of life, to conspire as in the days of Babel.

For I tell you, in 2016, I will take Mine and hide them from the terrible ones whenever they call upon Me in the days of their trouble. I will comfort them even while My arm will not spare and My Voice will thunder in the judgment of the wicked.

I give them over to their reprobate minds, but Mine will be separated unto Me. I tell you—follow the Lamb wherever He goes.

I tell you, I will do battle for the victory is Mine, but you must wait, learn to wait in the patience of hope. Remember Habakkuk, the vision… [Habakkuk 2:3]

Keep your eye on the outcome.

Look up as your redemption draws nigh.

Bring what you have to Me with thanksgiving, not begrudgingly, but graciously and in humility, that I might bless and multiply.

Warn as I give opportunity, but let your words be with grace. Ephesians 4, 1 Peter. Let them be seasoned with salt but do not in yourselves lose your flavor. Do not be conformed to this world, for it is headed toward madness. Remember the LORD your God.

Just around the corner evil is crouching; evil is lurking. Walk in wisdom, circumspectly, discerning the time. All things will go according to My will, but you must hear, see, listen, and obey. Are you still in doubt? My Spirit ratifies and removes doubt. He is the Spirit of Faith.

The seeds of Satan have grown, nurtured by his, consumed and planted into his. The spirit of the world rises in resistance to My Spirit. But pride goes before a fall and a haughty spirit before destruction.

The spirit that is anti-Christ rises, unifying to destroy, to render irrelevant, to take control, to murder and defile, to build its kingdom of darkness.

More later, for you are tired. [I had been working very hard prior to hearing the LORD and could not go on for some reason.]

December 20, 2015
Mary Easterling

Look around you, O Daughter of Zion. Look around you and see. Pity, pity them, O Daughter of Zion, for the family, the conversations, the banal things of this world; they are ALL these have. THIS IS heaven for them. They are destined to fall; to fire, to the worm which never dies, to the madness.

This year the sting shall come to the nations. Whereas last year they tottered, this year they will begin to fail one by one like so many dominoes. For is My hand shortened or slack? No. What I have said, so shall I do.

Yet those whom I have called by My name I shall preserve.

This is the eve of war, the eve of blood. You honor My Blood and in that you do well. On your post you see the drivers at the intersection- tell Me do they sound more and more irritated? Do they lay on the horn quicker? Curse louder? How many times have you wondered if a fight would break out?

Know and understand that My Peace among men is the governor of restraint from violence, from selfishness, from sin, from the wrath of man. Know and understand that not even the men of the law of the land will be able to vouchsafe their territories, as I remove that restraint. Men's hearts will stop from fear where fear does NOT exist.

The voice of the preacher, the voice of the parishioner will fade to silence. Silence for what has come. For if I spared not angels nor My people of Covenant from of old, shall I spare and chasten not those called in My Son?

The founders of the states of the Republican Union swore oaths to Me and broke them. Their sons rebelled and did evil before Me. Thus this Union founded on My Name and principles has gone and done what Israel and Judah did, and for that they were sacked! Did I spare the House built for Me? No I did not, but suffered its looting.

What shall I do now? I shall act! I shall avenge My Holy Name which has been smeared by those tasked to proclaim it in all Righteousness.

Have I not been saying, "I AM COMING"? Is not My retribution in My hand? Have I not sifted and culled and called and gathered? Oh but I have. But so many, so many have shuttered the heart against Me, not believing My Holiness, wanting a god on their terms. They gather for war against an impotent enemy by their praises, instead of gathering to properly enter in with thanksgiving and praise and worship in Holy array of the heart.

My people who are called by My Name have NOT humbled themselves to pray, to confess, but they each are en-mired in life, choked with life's cares. Yet unto Myself I have preserved a remnant and unto these shall I come in true loving-kindnesses, preserving, pitying, protecting, providing...raining down My blessings…My way, My will, in My timing for My glory.
I am a God who will be had by My terms according to My will.

December 26, 2015
Mary Easterling

As the sting shall come to the nations so also shall come the fire, My fire, to light the darkness with My Word as I destroy the nations who have exalted them[selves] against Me, saying in their "hubris" (Greek for pride) that they are "of old" and none shall "shake" them and they shall not fail but recover. But they will not recover, not in the way they think.

So shall come awakening. I awaken those whom I have appointed for a day and an hour for My Purpose in accordance with the counsel of My Will.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, The Beginning and the End.

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