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Word for America

Word received by Mary Craig
Dec. 22, 2006

Stiffnecked, My People--My people have rejected My love, rebelled against My holiness, drifted, doubted, and do disobey. These have insulted the Spirit of Grace and stand on a precipice blind with deceit. Some totter. Some have not the wherewithal to step back, turn around, and walk away from the pit, the abyss, the darkness of destruction.

The apostasy has begun. These profane the holy. They no longer sense the grieving of My Spirit, for their hearts grow cold and are become hardened to the cries of the Spirit.

These are lambs being led to slaughter for they have turned away from Me. They have resisted My Blood to cleanse them of unrighteousness. They seek the desires of the flesh and war against My Spirit.

Cry. Cry for repentance to come to My people. The deceitfulness of riches chokes the Word along with the cares of the world. Many are stony ground. The Word scatters along the sides of the road as worthless, to be swept up and discarded.

My heart pains Me with the groanings of My Spirit. And where can you go from My Spirit? And how will you resist Him when He arises to shake everything that can be shaken and blows upon the fields to separate wheat from chaff? How will you resist His power, His presence, His wisdom? For surely He has found you out and knows you at the core of your being.

Do not resist Him who comes to you in power for yet He will deliver My people and cause them to return to Me, to worship Me that I might bless My people with the glory of My Being.

I am He who formed you in the womb and I have loved you with an everlasting love. Do not look to the North, South, East, or West or to the riches of the world or to the creation to save you and be a refuge to you from the wrath of the Lamb, the wounds of rejected love. For He alone can save you.

Run into Him now. Repent and return. Cry in repentance for your sin, your pride, your rebellious ways. Fall on your faces before Him that He may yet be merciful to you and extend the scepter of peace.

Do not be as the stubborn mule but as the servant submitting and surrendering to the Master. Come alone. Come away. Come apart.

For I AM coming to America and I will come to every nook and to every cranny with the searchlight of My truth and with the brightness of My glory and men's hearts will fail them for fear.

You have failed to see the signs yet alone interpret them. Slowly, slowly the darkness has crept and creeps over you, America, while you sleep. Not only do you not wake up. You do not want to wake up. You want to remain in the dream being sold by the dream sellers.

And all the while darkness, deep darkness is coming to you, America, unless you wake up, repent, return, wash you garments, and regain what you have lost.

Robbery. You are robbing Me of My glory, My place, My worship, My service. You have a form of religion and a form of godliness but deny the power. Hypocrites. Thieves. Murderers. And you wonder-where is the Kingdom of god?

You will only enter My kingdom through the Christ, the Anointed One. Do you know Him? Live like you do. If you don't, seek Him and you will receive the revelation of Him.

I will speak more to you of this, for you are in a grievous place.

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