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Word for America 2

Word received by Mary Craig
April 20, 2007

Violence. Violence. My people do not speak to the heart of man which is desperately wicked. They sleep while the violent man plots evil on his bed. They talk about the weapon of choice, the means by which the violence is carried out and make it a matter of politics without seeing that violence is covering the earth and that they are as in the days of Noah. Life carries on.

"Let the healing begin," they say. "Bring closure," they encourage. Yet the people perish for lack of knowledge. They neither know Me nor My laws and ways.

Their wound is approaching incurable and what shall I say? Who will go for Me? Who will stand in the gap? Who will speak to the people to warn, exhort, and plead that they return to Me in repentance?

Where are the preachers who fear Me more than they fear the people? Where are the voices crying out against injustice?

And who does good to overcome evil? A balance scale of good over one random act of evil, they say. Yet if one offends in but one point of the law, he offends the whole law and breaks the law of the covenant.

Even when one act of justice comes to support the cry of the unborn (partial birth abortion ban) there are those candidates who pride themselves in their stand that it is not murder. They turn hearts against Me, My laws and ways as do the false prophets.

Repent. For I also have weapons. I have a Voice that resounds throughout the heavens and the earth to shake the nations, to strike hearts, to split bone and marrow.

I AM the LORD and I am a holy God, the only Source of Life and Blessing. You corrupt yourselves with your pretense, perversion, pollution, putrefaction. You are a stench in My nostrils and I will spew you out of My mouth as vomit, for you wiggle and wobble, jig and jag, standing for nothing, standing for everything.

The violent man rails against the Son of My love. Is it nothing to you? He mocks and ridicules the outpouring of My love for humanity, indeed, for My creation.

And who will go for Me? And who will intercede? Who will carry My burdens, the burdens of My heart? Who wants My revelation of truth? Who will carry the anointing to proclaim the Son of My love? Who?

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