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Word for America 3

Word received by Mary Craig
April 27, 2007

America, America, your barns and cupboards are full, but there is coming a famine of the word of God, for soon I will use the arm of civil government to curtail your preaching, the preaching of My Word. For My Word has been corrupted. My preachers, shepherds of My people, stray from Me, My purposes and ways.

I am going to sweep through this land in judgment (Ezekiel 13) for I have warned, exhorted, called to repentance and return, and you have not heeded. I will sift and sort, separate and sanctify. You who have profaned My sabbaths and perverted My Words to please the itching ears of the people and to conform to the culture of the world will find now that I will withhold the words you so greatly fear to preach.

Have I not said? Have I not proclaimed Myself, My purpose, My ways in My Word? But you rewrite, you dilute, you detract from My Glory. You pervert My ways, you defile My people, and profane Me. Enough. My glory departs from you.

Nevertheless, a remnant remains. For in all My House I am raising up a holy Bride, a holy Temple, a holy People. and I will pour on them the Spirit of Glory and of God, though they be persecuted and mocked. These hide in Me.

Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Did I not warn? Have I not sent My Son? And My Remnant heeds My Words. These overcome and receive the crown of life, the crown of righteousness. These trust in Me, and though they be slain, they praise Me. I hear them and grant them divine favor.

The shepherds who have been and are ashamed of My holiness will find the words they despise and withhold from the people withheld from them. But Mine have hidden the Word, My Words, in their hearts and My anointing teaches them all things. The just shall live by faith.

The shepherds who build monuments to themselves and live in their paneled houses (Haggai) while neglecting My house will find suddenly that there are holes in the pockets. Their greed is never satisfied and so the dryness will swallow them up, for they pillage My people, perverting My Word to satisfy their selfish ambitions.

Do I not see? But I will release the sword of civil government against you. Repent, for the Chief Shepherd stands at the very door.

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