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A Generation of Extremes;
Coming Judgment

Received by Mary Craig
October 5, 2007

Now hear what I will say to you. Do not weep for Me for I am glorious and do not need your tears. Do not mourn for Mine, save over their sin that separates them from Me; for I know My own and I will carry through to completion that good work that is begun in them.

Hold to Me now for the time is coming when they will not receive My truth. They will harden their hearts against My Spirit, against the Living Word. They will run after what feeds their bellies, what gratifies their flesh.

An evil generation is rising, a generation of extremes, a generation devoid of patience. Yet even out of this generation I have Mine chosen before the creation of the world. These will also be extreme. These will follow hard after Me, separating themselves unto Me, ministering to Me. Radical. Theirs will be a radical (to the root) regeneration.

You will see a turning in your nation, for I am coming to judge it and in judgment I will separate wheat from chaff, wheat from tares, sheep from goats. I will separate the living from the dead.

Buy of Me gold tried in the fire, that you may be rich; and white raiment, that you may be clothed, and that the shame of your nakedness does not appear; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see. (Revelation 3.18) My people must learn how to overcome in My Name and by My Blood. The ways of the world will not prosper them. My people must know Me and walk in My ways according to the laws of My kingdom. They must walk by faith and not by sight.

Those who hide in Me will be protected and/or escape from the judgments I bring now to your nation. These will pass through judgment and I will deliver them. Isaiah 43

Be encouraged by My Word. Look at Me. I have toppled kingdoms and nations and promoted others to power. I have led My people and been with them through slavery, through the wilderness, through Canaan, through exile, through deep waters. I am with you always and My people need not fear what may befall them, for I am with them to uphold them by My mighty hand.

Know that nothing escapes Me. The eyes of the Lord are everywhere and there is no place where one can hide
from Me-only hide in Me.

Men's hearts will fail them for fear, but those who trust in Me will find My peace and I will guard their hearts and minds. I will shield them with My favor.

Look at history and see how My people triumph through persecution and adversity. Follow their example. Learn. And pray that the shepherds of My flock lead My people into green pastures and to streams of living waters.

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