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Word for Belgium

Word received June 8, 2007
Dr. Mary Craig

I have called you by My Name and you are Mine and I am yours. I am your Beloved, and My desire is for you.

And I have set you over nations to tear down, root out, destroy-to build and plant and to establish My kingdom that My glory cover the earth. I am the Spirit of Glory and of God and I am your reward and exceeding joy. I am El Shaddai and I bless you with My Presence and the power of My Name.

And I, the Mighty One, call you to Belgium to root out and to tear down and to destroy, to build and plant and to establish My kingdom for there are ancient strongholds, ancient strongholds in this region. Every devil dwells there, religious spirits and pride and arrogance and all things such as I hate. Abominations, the angel of light (Lucifer) and all things that bring down to the grave.

And I am sending you there to step onto the soil filled with Me whose Name is Word of God; and you will plant the Word of God into the soil and into the air, by the sea and in the rivers and waterways as I send you, and I will show you there as you go for the devil will not know in advance what I am to do there; but I will redeem My people and I will reclaim the land, forů Psalm 24, Psalm 2, Psalm 110, Psalm 62, Psalm 118, Psalm 124, Psalm 145.

And I will pour out My anointing on you and in you that you will be permeated by My Spirit, soaked as it were. And I will guide you with My eye and hold you close to Me and in Me that Satan will not have you, no, and not your possessions or animals or household, for I am your protection and your power.

I am He who loves you and guards you in the night seasons from those who seek your life. I see your enemies and they are now My enemies, for in opposing you they oppose Me so do not fear for I am your Jehovah Gibbor and I will save as Mighty One of Israel.

Do not fear for the enemy will not touch you and I will raise up a prophet to stand with you before Me and I will show you all things necessary for you and I will provide all things necessary for you. I am the LORD.

As you go to Strasbourg, Alsace-Lorraine, I will heal you and your family line from the curse of the bastard for you are Mine and a legitimate child of Mine, a legitimate son. And no more will Satan use this before Me ever again.

And I give you t he desires of your heart.

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