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The Word received for Bulgaria/Romania

Word received by Mary Craig
November 12, 2004

I am coming to you Bulgaria/Romania, and I will turn the Black Sea into a river of the blood of the Lamb.

June 28, 2005
Now hear what the Sovereign Lord says. I have come to you Bulgaria and as you have abandoned Me and My laws and ways, so I abandon you. Nevertheless there is a remnant which shall be saved so as by fire. These come through much persecution, through the narrow door, but beyond that narrow door is a broad place and there I will meet them in My glory. I am to them the Refuge of the Rock. These are My people and I am their God. I will bless them as they purify their hearts and souls and I will heal their woundedness and reveal Myself to them. To these, take heart. Be strong and of good courage for you shall testify of Me.

Vengeance is Mine saith the Lord. I will repay the evildoer to his face as I keep covenant with My elect ones.

You will come through both fire and flood (Isaiah 43 and Isaiah 46, all) and I will be with you to overcome even death and destruction. I will break blood guilt off you and your families and deliver you from the oppressor.

Now hear what the Sovereign Lord says. Before you were born I knew you. Before you entered your mother's womb I chose you. I have loved you with an everlasting love and
you are Mine. Though the people perish, you resurrect. Fear not. Isaiah 41.10

I come as conquering king to cross your land with the fire of My presence. In My holiness you will find peace as they find wrath, the wrath of the Lamb, for I come to My own to execute My judgments upon the earth and to call the nations to justice and recompense.

I am the Lord and Victory is My name. Behold, I stand on your shores a Mighty Warrior, as Jehovah Gibbor, as Lord Sabbaoth, as El Shaddai, as the Faithful Amen.

The people are in darkness, and the land is plagued with their own lawlessness but for My people I command light into their darkness and into their hearts will I give My joy. As I overcame so are they to overcome. Follow the Lamb wherever He goes.

The blessings of Abraham are yours only as you keep covenant with Me, for I am the Covenant LORD and My covenants are one and I am One. I am your Shield and exceeding Great Reward as you walk before Me and are holy as I am holy. And how shall you be holy? I have declared you such as justified by faith in My Son and sanctify you by My truth which is in Me.

Sanctify, separate, serve, stand still, stand in the Surety of the Covenant and I will provide, protect, pity, preserve, empower, and pursue My enemies to their destruction. Prevail as I prevail. Prepare for war, but the Lamb shall overcome and the kings of the earth will bow to the Creator/Redeemer and the glory of he LORD will fill heaven and earth. Psalm 24

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