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Prophetic Word for Ethiopia

Word received by Mary Craig
July 7, 2006

Go to Ethiopia and tell My people I AM has sent you to deliver them from those that enslave them and hold them in bondage. These who hear My Voice will receive you for they are looking for the one who will come, who will be sent by Me to them to bind the broken hearted and mend the feeble knee, to cradle the cries of the hungry and the poor.

You will be a stream of shalom to them bringing to them the waters of En Gedi, streams of living waters and wherever the river goes, life will come. (Ezekiel 47) You bring the rivers of living waters to Ethiopia and your leaves of the tree of life are for the healing of the nation. (Revelation 22.1, 2)

O Ethiopia, Ethiopia, how long have I held you in My heart and spoken of you in My Word. All these many years you persevere and in you I have Mine who follow Me and worship Me in spirit and in truth. I have these who seek after Me with their whole hearts and desire to do all My will. In, within your borders, I have Mine who know Me because they submit to My authority in humble submission and experience Me in obeying My Word, in obeying Me as I am truth. (John 7.16-18) These obey and keep My commands and I confess them before My father and the Holy Angels and I intercede for them and I love them.

But I see evil in the land and despots and tyranny and I am not pleased for I would that you be delivered the evil and perverse man, from those who persecute you and hold you in derision for your faith in Me.

I am coming to you, Ethiopia, and I am preparing My servants to step onto your soil. I am even now increasing the anointing on their lives that they may live and not die and do all My good pleasure when they come to you, Ethiopia.

Prepare for war in the heavenlies. But know that I, Jesus, am King of kings and Lord of lords, Ruler over the princes of the earth, and that the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ.

Ethiopia, Ethiopia, I call out from you My Elect ones and draw them to Myself. I remember My covenant Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and I remember the land. (Leviticus 26.40-42)

Green. Be green. Fertile. Be fertile. Live. Prosper. Grow in grace and enjoy the riches of the glory of Christ.

I am coming to you, Ethiopia. Do not despair.

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