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The Word of the Lord to Kenya

Word received by Mary Craig
January 30, 2004

The word of the Lord to Kenya:

You seek My servants in order to seek Me. Yet I desire that you seek Me, My Spirit, for My Spirit is blowing across your lands the breath of life.

I am the Living Spirit who comes and desires to come to do a work in your lands to cleanse your lands of lawlessness and unrighteousness, fraud and deceit. By the Spirit of Burning and the Spirit of Judgment I blow across your lands to purge you of your evil and perverse ways.

Merchandise. Is My temple to be a place of merchandising? What will you gain? What do you seek to gain?

Count it as dung, that you may gain Christ. Behold the Lamb and He that comes to cleanse His temple.

Iniquity. I see it in your shepherds, the shepherds of My people. You have perverted My ways and it does not profit you.

Repent. I give you time to repent, for My servant comes with the fire of My holiness and should she touch your ground, My fire would/will flow from her feet to the uttermost regions. Therefore, repent lest you perish in the way.

Seek My face for grace. Humble yourselves under My mighty hand. Seek Me and ask Me to spare you, to remit your sins, to remember My holy covenant.

Call in My elect, for the days are short. Preach the whole gospel with power. My Word.

I hear your cries. I also see your hearts. PUrge with the Blood of Jesus your consciences from dead works to serve Me the Living God. I will destroy your enemies and remember My holy covenant that you mayserve Me without fear in holiness and righteousness before Me all the days of your life. Repent.

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