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Judgment And God's Protection

Word received May 14th, 2010
Dr. Mary Craig

What do you see, O Watchman on the Wall? Things are happening, hidden, covert, under cover of darkness. Dark powers hide their dead works, dealing out their evil under cover of darkness for of the darkness they are. They masquerade as angels of light but their light is darkness. They hide from truth.

Many are turning to the rebellion for their hearts are perverse and crooked. They cannot and refuse to see themselves in the mirror of My Word. They cower before truth, their consciences seared.

Thousands in the Valley of Decision. I call but they do not come for they are not of Mine, not "in-Christ-ones."

My people--My people--turn from wickedness, from complacency, from compromise, from corruption, lest you be consumed in the kingdoms of this world and fall short of inheriting the kingdom of God.

Oppression will increase and My Spirit will withdraw more and more. And the times will test the hearts of men.

Who are the just? Who are those that turn to Me--who look and live? Who grieves over sin? Your freedoms are being lost and the people sleep a slumber of death. Darkness offers a liberty to sin, a liberty that leads to death, false guides and false teachers, encouraging rebellion, lies, perversion, and every form of violence and immorality.

You will lose your freedom and go into the captivity of Assyria and into the exile of Babylon unless you repent. Minds are blinded, clouded, darkened in sin and rebellion.

Who will preach the gospel of Jesus Christ? Who will preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God? For surely, I am coming with clouds and every eye will see Me. The battle lines are drawn, the boundaries set. And who will slay the dragon? And who will war the warfare against the kings of the earth?

I come--conquering to conquer and none shall thwart Me for all power and all authority has been given to Me and I rule with a rod of iron.

I will be moving My people to places of safety according to where they are spiritually. I will tend for My sheep and care for them. These must not resist the leading of My Spirit; for in obeying Me, they will find protection, provision, and life.

Jude 24, 25 Now unto Him that is able [has the power] to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy, to the only wise God our Savior, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.

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