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Messages of the Week M - Z

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Messages Listed Alphabetically M - Z

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Magnify God with Thanksgiving 11/04
Maintaining "Christ Confidence" 10/17
Mary, the Mother of Jesus Pt 1 5/9/21
Mary, the Mother of Jesus Pt 2 5/16/21
Ministering to the Lord
Moving God's Hand 8/08
No Greater Love 2/17
O Jerusalem, Jerusalem 2/99
Of Spiritual Bunkers and Strongholds 8/16
Offenses Will Come 5/10
Oh, the Blood of Jesus 3/04
On Being Thankful 11/07
One Another One Another 3/04
One Nation Under God: Prayer for Our Leaders Guide 2/16
One Nation Under God - About 2/16
Open Your Heart to God's Grace 8/01
Opening the Eyes of the Blind 9/19
Our Hope in Christ 4/20
Out of Egypt Have I Called My Son Christmas 2008
Overcoming Dirt 1/16
Passing into Glory 6/17
Paul's Prayer for Future Grace 9/07
Peace Like a River 3/10
Praise God for His Mercy! 10/03
Pray the Doxologies 6/8/23
Preach, Teach, Reach 1/06
Preserve Truth, Promote Justice 2/09
Prophecy Fulfilled -- Here Comes the King! 4/20
Purity, A Way of Life 9/09
Recognizing the Day of Visitation 4/2/23
Remember the Lord Your God 9/03
Respond to the Call of God 7/03
Resurrection: Assuring the Power to Love 5/19
Resurrection Faith 4/05
Reviving Drooping Saints 10/14
Salted With Fire 8/09
Saved by His Life 11/17
Seek Sanctuary in the Holy Spirit 7/00
Seven Tests of True Fellowship 1999
Serve the Lord with Gladness 4/00
Setting Captives Free 8/04
Son of God Most High Christmas 2021
Son of the Highest Christmas 2011
Spared: A Journey of Faith (Hurricane Matthew) 10/16
Spiritual Formation: Youth Seminar 2018 7/18
Spectacle: A Triumph of God's Glory 4/17
Spiritual Warfare Lessons Learned from a Life on the Front Lines 8/17
Spiritual Warfare Missions 5/16
Storms: Spiritual Torrents 9/04
Such is My Love for You Christmas 2020
Suffering: Was it Not Necessary? 4/09
Taking Up the Cause of the Weak and Oppressed 10/15
Tempted by the devil 3/14
Testify of God's Wondrous Works 1/03
The A List 3/19
The Amen, the Faithful and True Witness 6/07
The Anointing 10/10
The Anointing 2023 6/14/23
The Beauty of the Blood 4/08
The Beauty of the Blood of Jesus 4/20
The Better Hope 3/09
The Blessed Hope of the Believer 2/15/23
The Blessings of Barnabas 6/14
The Boldness of the Believer 8/11
The Character of Covenants 5/3/20
The Comfort of the Scriptures 1/05
The Cup of Blessing 9/18
The Gift of the Holy Spirit 5/18
The Gifts God Gives Christmas 2014
The Giving of Sight 3/20
The Glorious Atonement 3/13
The Glory of the Gospel 9/17
The Glory Spirit 6/15
The God of Surprising Joy 10/13
The Good Shepherd 3/13
The Hallelujah Life: Authentic Praise 2/19
The Hallelujah Life: Preparing for the Hallelujah Life 1/19
The Hope of the Kingdom of God, Part 1, The Kingdom is not Yet 2/21/21
The Hope of the Kingdom of God, Part 2, The Kingdom is not Yet 2/28/21
The Hour is Come - Good Friday Message 4/18
The Kingdom of God - A Time to Thresh in Meekness 3/7/21
The Kingdom of God: An Upside-Down Kingdom 5/23/21
The Kingdom of God: In History or Beyond History? 1/31/21
The Kingdom of God: The Idea 1/10/21
SERIES: The "Kindom of God"
The Kingdom of God: Who is the Supreme Hedgemon? 2/7/21
The Kingdom of God, Israel and the Church 7/18/21
The Kingdom and the Jubilee 6/6/21
The Labor of Love 2/04
The Land is Mine 2/11
The Liberty in Which We Stand 7/18
The Life Jesus Brings 10/18
The Living Sanctuary 7/08
The LORD on the Side of His People 5/13
The Lord Reigns 7/10
The Lord Roars Out of Zion 7/09
The Love Without a Lie 2/05
The Means of Grace 1/07
The Mystery of the Kingdom 4/11/21
The Need for the Kingdom of God 1/24/21
The Obedience of Faith 6/06
The Pattern of Persecution 11/14/21
The Power of Giving 4/07
The Power of Vision 3/07
The Privilege of Serving Christ 6/16
The Promise of the Father 6/05
The Promised One Has Come 12/19
The Protection of God 6/11
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the Truth That Sets Us Free 4/4/21
The Right to Define Who You Are 8/15
The Right to Live Belongs to God 9/16
The Righteousness of the Kingdom 4/25
The Suffering of Love 3/11
The Sure Mercies of David 6/08
The Temple Was Built on a Threshing Floor 3/21/21
The Voice of the Lord 7/05
This is My Beloved Son 11/08
This Thing is from Me 1/03
Treasures 1/14
Trust God's Covenant Love 6/00
Trust God's Gracious Provision Christmas 2002
SERIES: Truth for All Time
Until He Comes: The Hope of Communion 1/18
Unto us...A Child, A Son Christmas 2007
Unwrap the Bindings of Death 4/01
Violence: Does God Care? 5/07
Wait for the Vision: It Will Not Tarry 8/02
Walking with God 10/11
Watch. Guard. Keep. 9/02
Watching God Work. 3/15
What is Our Life? 5/17
What Love Does Christmas 2009
What Love Does -- Good Friday 3/16
When God Doesn't Make Sense 9/13
When God is Silent 2/14
When God Turns Against You 4/12
When Jesus Gave Thanks 11/18
When You Need a Real God 2/12
When You Need Revival 8/12
When You Go Through the Fire 8/14
Who Rules the World? 2/13
Who Will Enter the Heart of a Holy God? 3/13
Will You Be Made Whole? 8/13
Will You Be My Valentine? 2/10
Yield to the Challenge of the Kingdom 6/01

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