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Wednesday Night Bible Studies
from Dr. Mary Craig

The five main aspects of Christ's atonement (Outline)

Audio Recordings

The Testimony of Jesus, What He Taught on the Atonement

1. The Testimony of Jesus, What He Taught on the Atonement -- Introduction

2. Presuppositions Divine Provision

3. The Necessity Of The Atonement

4. The Incarnation of Jesus

5. Jesus as Surety, Mediator, High Priest, Advocate

6. Jesus as the Last Adam and Vicarious Sacrifice

7. The Necessity of Jesus Being God

8. Elements of The Atonement

12. Christ's Sufferings and Death

13. Jesus: Conscious Sin-bearer and Cry from the Cross

14. Christ: Numbered With The Transgressors

15. Resurrection: Evidence of the Atonement's Acceptance

16. The New Covenant In Christ's Blood

17. The Death of Jesus; An Act of Obedience

18. The Life Giving Effects of Christ's Death

20. Jesus the Living Bread (John 6)

21. The Atonement and the Universe

22. The Atonement and The Judicial Process

23. Christ Overcoming the World

24. The Atonement: Taking the Sting out of Death and Abolishing it

25. Christ Laying His Life Down For His Sheep

26. Christ's Dominion in the Universe

27. The Atonement and the Sending of the Holy Spirit

28. The Atonement Glorifying God

29. The Atonement, the the Nations and the Gospel

30. The Atonement and One's Eternal Destiny

The Apostles' Testimony, What They Taught on the Atonement

The Apostles' Testimony on the Atonement -- Introduction

A General View of the Atonement Pt 1

A General View of the Atonement Pt 2

The Apostles' View of the Atonement

The Atonement and Temple Sacrifice Pt 1

The Atonement and Temple Sacrifice Pt 2

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