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The Glory of the Gospel
Dr. Mary Craig, Jerusalem, Israel, August 2017

The Glory of the Gospel (The complete message)

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Message of the Month

2008: A Year of Recompenses 1/08
2009: A Year of Judgment 12/08
2010: A Year of Establishment 1/10
2011: A Year Tension (Mission to Asia) 1/11
2012: Recently I couldn't sleep11/11
2013: Will be a Year of Deep Darkness 12/12
2014: This year I will open doors 12/13
2016: What I have received 1/16
2017: A year of opportunity or hardening 12/16
2018: Will be a year of exposure, escape, encounter, and the everlasting Word. 1/18
2019: Word Received for 2019 -- Separation, Invitation 1/19
2020: Word Received for 2020 -- 2020 will be a year of surprises 12/19
A Father to the Fatherless 5/04
A Father's Love (parts 1-5) 10/07
A Lamb for a Household 4/19
A Living Stone Set in Africa 6/04
A Prophet, a Promise, a Persuasive Woman 4/10
A Sabbath Day Surprise 5/15
A Story to Tell to the Nations 2/08
A Word for This Season 7/14
Abide in the Glorified One 8/03
Abiding in the Father's Love 6/18
Accepted in the Beloved 9/10
Access the Father Through the Blood of Jesus... 10/00
Access to God 2/07
Antarctica Mission 1/03
Antarctica Mission Revisited 9/15
Apostolic People: Send Me 5/05
Arete 9/14
Arise, Go 3/01
Be A Barnabas 5/03
Be A Green Olive Tree 5/09
Be Assured of God's Grace 1/01
Be My Witness 2/06
Be Strong and Very Courageous 9/00
Bear the Stamp of the Sanctuary
Bearing Burdens 3/06
Behold the Face of God 4/03
Believe in the Goodness of God 6/03
Born in a Manger Christmas 2013
Breaking Bondage: Finding Freedom 7/06
Broken for the Bride 3/05
Build Wisely...and Well 1/02
Call Upon the Name of the LORD Christmas 2003
Called out of the Darkness Christmas 2018
Called to His Excellence 7/13
Cherish Christ...and Christmas Christmas 2001
Christ Pantokrator 11/15
Christ the King Christmas 2010
Christmas Blessings: Mission to the Mayas Christmas 2004
Christmas: What Does It Mean to You? Christmas 2006
Come Out of Her My People... 3/99
Comfort Those Who Mourn 10/01
Complete the Mandate 11/02
Connect Through Giving Thanks 11/01
Covenant: God's Way of Relationship series May-Nov. 2020New
Crowning the Earth with God's Glory 6/09
Cry Out to the Lord 2/03
David: A Covenant Man 5/08
Death: A Separation 4/17
Declare the Glory of God 8/00
Declaring God's Glory in Jerusalem 7/17
Declaring God's Glory to the Nations 8/17
Deliverance from the Prison of Insanity 7/19
Desperate Times, Deceit, and the Day of the Lord 9/06
Discern the False Prophet 8/07
Discerning the Time Christmas 2015
El Roi 4/11
Embrace the Fire of God's Holy Love 2/01
Enter into His Gates with Thanksgiving. 11/00
Entering the Rest of God.9/08
Enjoy the Benefits of Christian Community 2/00
Establish Justice in the Gate 10/02
Extend Compassion to All Creation 3/02
Faith of Our Fathers 6/10
Fear the LORD: Turn from Folly 7/02
Fight the Good Fight of Faith (And the spiritual war in Europe) 7/01
Find Your Way to a Better Hope 5/01
Finding Freedom in the Covenant 7/04
Finding God's Prupose in His Covenants 5/17/20
Finding in His Heart to Love 2/20
Finding My Way to Contentment 11/14
FInding the Favor of God 10/07
FInding True Liberty 7/14
For This Cause He Came Christmas 2012
For unto us a Child is Born... Christmas 2000
For the Love of God 4/06
From Glory to Glory Christmas 2005
Get it Right with God 7/18
Get Ready for the Glory 1/00
Getting into the Memory of Jesus 11/19
Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart 11/03
Giving Thanks with a Grateful Heart 11/17
Giving Thanks When Adversity Strikes 11/06
God, the Faithful God 5/06
God's Enduring Love 10/08
Going After the One 3/08
Good Friday 2015 4/15
Guatemala: The Battle for the Gospel 2/18
Hear God's Heart and Honor Him 3/03
Hear the Word of the Lord 5/02
Holding to the Hope of the Gospel 7/07
Hope, the Last Temptation 4/14
I am Your Shield 10/05
I Will Put a Difference 1/09
Identifying the Voice of the Lord 8/05
In Everything Give Thanks 11/05
In the Midst of Our Trials Christmas 2017
Is Anyone Listening? (Mission to Turkey) 9/05
Issues of Destiny 2/15
Jesus Entered Jerusalem: The "Man of War" Offering Peace 3/18
Jesus Heals a Demonized Man Blind, Deaf, Mute 3/20
Journey to Samaria 5/14
Lament: From Wrenching Pain to Worship 10/06
Laughter and Life's Little Jokes
Leave a Legacy of Love 6/02
Let Love Be Without Hypocrisy 2/02
Let This Mind be in You 11/13
Let There Be Light 9/01
Let Your Graciousness Be Evident 4/02
Life, Love, and Living Waters 8/06
Life's New Perspective 1/20
Living the Purpose for Which We Were Born 6/19
London Mission: A City in Peril
Lord, Remember Me
Magnify God with Thanksgiving 11/04
Maintaining "Christ Confidence" 10/17
Ministering to the Lord 8/10
Moving God's Hand 8/08
No Greater Love 2/17
O Jerusalem, Jerusalem 2/99
Of Spiritual Bunkers and Strongholds 8/16
Offenses Will Come 5/10
Oh, the Blood of Jesus 3/04
On Being Thankful 11/07
One Another One Another 3/04
One Nation Under God: Prayer for Our Leaders Guide 2/16
One Nation Under God - About 2/16
Open Your Heart to God's Grace 8/01
Opening the Eyes of the Blind 9/19
Our Hope in Christ 4/20
Out of Egypt Have I Called My Son Christmas 2008
Overcoming Dirt 1/16
Passing into Glory 6/17
Paul's Prayer for Future Grace 9/07
Peace Like a River 3/10
Praise God for His Mercy! 10/03
Preach, Teach, Reach 1/06
Preserve Truth, Promote Justice 2/09
Prophecy Fulfilled -- Here Comes the King! 4/20
Purity, A Way of Life 9/09
Remember the Lord Your God 9/03
Respond to the Call of God 7/03
Resurrection: Assuring the Power to Love 5/19
Resurrection Faith 4/05
Reviving Drooping Saints 10/14
Salted With Fire 8/09
Saved by His Life 11/17
Seek Sanctuary in the Holy Spirit 7/00
Seven Tests of True Fellowship 1999
Serve the Lord with Gladness 4/00
Setting Captives Free 8/04
Son of the Highest Christmas 2011
Spared: A Journey of Faith (Hurricane Matthew) 10/16
Spiritual Formation: Youth Seminar 2018 7/18
Spectacle: A Triumph of God's Glory 4/17
Spiritual Warfare Lessons Learned from a Life on the Front Lines 8/17
Spiritual Warfare Missions 5/16
Storms: Spiritual Torrents 9/04
Suffering: Was it Not Necessary? 4/09
Taking Up the Cause of the Weak and Oppressed 10/15
Tempted by the devil 3/14
Testify of God's Wondrous Works 1/03
The A List 3/19
The Amen, the Faithful and True Witness 6/07
The Anointing 10/10
The Beauty of the Blood 4/08
The Beauty of the Blood of Jesus 4/20
The Better Hope 3/09
The Blessings of Barnabas 6/14
The Boldness of the Believer 8/11
The Character of Covenants 5/3/20
The Comfort of the Scriptures 1/05
The Cup of Blessing 9/18
The Gift of the Holy Spirit 5/18
The Gifts God Gives Christmas 2014
The Giving of Sight 3/20
The Glorious Atonement 3/13
The Glory of the Gospel 9/17
The Glory Spirit 6/15
The God of Surprising Joy 10/13
The Good Shepherd 3/13
The Hallelujah Life: Authentic Praise 2/19
The Hallelujah Life: Preparing for the Hallelujah Life 1/19
The Hour is Come - Good Friday Message 4/18
The Labor of Love 2/04
The Land is Mine 2/11
The Liberty in Which We Stand 7/18
The Life Jesus Brings 10/18
The Living Sanctuary 7/08
The LORD on the Side of His People 5/13
The Lord Reigns 7/10
The Lord Roars Out of Zion 7/09
The Love Without a Lie 2/05
The Means of Grace 1/07
The Obedience of Faith 6/06
The Power of Giving 4/07
The Power of Vision 3/07
The Privilege of Serving Christ 6/16
The Promise of the Father 6/05
The Promised One Has Come 12/19
The Protection of God 6/11
The Right to Define Who You Are 8/15
The Right to Live Belongs to God 9/16
The Suffering of Love 3/11
The Sure Mercies of David 6/08
The Voice of the Lord 7/05
This is My Beloved Son 11/08
This Thing is from Me 1/03
Treasures 1/14
Trust God's Covenant Love 6/00
Trust God's Gracious Provision Christmas 2002
Until He Comes: The Hope of Communion 1/18
Unto us...A Child, A Son Christmas 2007
Unwrap the Bindings of Death 4/01
Violence: Does God Care? 5/07
Wait for the Vision: It Will Not Tarry 8/02
Walking with God 10/11
Watch. Guard. Keep. 9/02
Watching God Work. 3/15
What is Our Life? 5/17
What Love Does Christmas 2009
What Love Does -- Good Friday 3/16
When God Doesn't Make Sense 9/13
When God is Silent 2/14
When God Turns Against You 4/12
When Jesus Gave Thanks 11/18
When You Need a Real God 2/12
When You Need Revival 8/12
When You Go Through the Fire 8/14
Who Rules the World? 2/13
Who Will Enter the Heart of a Holy God? 3/13
Will You Be Made Whole? 8/13
Will You Be My Valentine? 2/10
Yield to the Challenge of the Kingdom 6/01

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Articles From
The MCM Newsletter

A Gross Injustice 3/00
A Missionary's Journal (New Zealand and Australia) 3/02
A Stronghold: Things That Devour
A World Missions Update 9/01
As God Gives Grace - The Power of Revival
As God Grants Repentance - The Path of Revival
As God Grants Life - The Purpose of Revival
Breaking into Joy - Beethoven 3/00
Call 91:1 Twenty-Four / Seven 12/01
Crown of Thorns, Crown of Glory 3/01
Cry of the Covenant 3/02
Do You Know Who He Is? 12/99
Every Good Gift Christmas '99
God's Power in Weakness 3/01
Grafted into the Body 5/01
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 6/02
Iniquity: Perish the Thought! 4/03
Jesus Christ: Bringing Justice to the Poor 3/04
Jesus Christ: Sent by the Father... 12/00
Jesus Christ: Son of the Highest 12/02
Keepin' it Real 05/01
Listening to God 9/01
Looking for the Consolation of Israel xmas '01
Loneliness: Finding Our Way to Jehovah Shammah
Loosing the Bonds of Shame
Rejoice! Christmas '99
Remembrance 9/00
Progressions of Grace 6/00
Promises From a Covenant-Keeping God 6/00
Sanctity of Life
Seated, Sealed and Singing 9/00
Strongholds: Things That Destroy 3/02
Taking Your Shame
The Goodness of God
The Heavens Declare the Glory of God 12/02
The Immanuel Event 12/01
The Messiah: Israel's Glory 12/01
The Promise of a Son - A Seed
The Road Map to Personal Change
The Spirit of a Son 9/00
Thoughts on Humility
To the Nations 9/03
Treading on Serpents and Scorpions
Understanding the Apostolic Anointing 12/00
What About the Animals? 3/05
When Crisis Strikes

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MCM Newsletters, Full Color and Graphics
Warning: These are LARGE files because of the pictures and graphics. They will take up to several minutes to download on a slow modem connection. But they are well worth it!

Acrobat Reader required! Free download Get Adobe Acrobate Reader


December 2002 (1 MB)
The Heavens Declare the Glory of God
Jesus Christ: Son of the Highest
Pastor's Perspective: A Case for Greek Studies

June 2002 (1 MB)
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Hope in Times of Testing
The Singapore Story

March 2002 (1 MB)
Cry of the Covenant
Strongholds: Things that Destroy
A Missionary's Journal (New Zealand and Australia)



September 2003
To the Nations
(Each page opens a new window.)

Cover Page -1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Ministering to Migrant Farm Workers in S. Florida
(Each page opens a new window.)

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3


April 2003
April 2003 (1 MB)
Iniquity: Perish the Thought
The Last Continent: To the Uttermost Parts of the Earth



March 2004 (1.4 MB)
Jesus Christ: Bringing Justice to the Poor
Reaping: Barnabas Project in the Everglades



March 2005 (1.9 MB)
•What About the Animals?
•Zambia / Zimbabwe Mission
•Ministering to Mayan Immigrant Workers (Barnabas Project)


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Other Articles

A Father's Love (parts 1-5) 10/07
A Fire Burning 10/98
A Prophecy for the Nation 5/98
Amalekites: Testing Covenant Love
Biblical Prosperity 101
Celebrating Tabernacles Today - Opening the Eyes of the Blind: Seeing the Just One 10/19
Discerning the True From the False Prophet 1999
Eternal Life (According to Jesus)
Halloween: Believer, Do Not Participate
How Can I Shorten My Time in the Wilderness?
I Am Coming. Will You be Ready? 3/99
I Am Preparing My Bride 9/25/01
Love: The Power of Resurrection Life
Mission to Zambia and Zimbabwe 8/14/04
Names of God
Names of the Holy Spirit
Now unto Him Who is Glory
Prayer for the Persecuted
Praying the Covenant
Preparation for What is Coming 10/96
Prophetic Perspective
Really Walking Sober - How God Set Me Free
Receiving the Gift of God 7/01
Song of the Apostles 1998
Spikenard: Waste or Worship? 7/01
Spiritual Formation: Youth Seminar, Philadelphia Church 7/18
Spiritual Strongholds: Things That Block the Blessings of God 3/00
The FIve Aspects of Christ's Atonement 12/02
The Problem with America's Roots 10/96
The Seed of Satan
Understanding the Heart Of The Holy Spirit 7/01
Understanding the Prophetic Today 7/01
When He Passes By
Who I am in Christ
Who I am in Christ - Scriptures

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Strategic Prayers From Books by Dr. Mary Craig

A Prayer for Peace
A Prayer for Renewing the Mind
A Prayer for the Heart
A Prayer of Deliverance
A Prayer of Salvation
A Prayer Seeking God for His True Light
A Prayer to Know The Will of God
A Prayer to Release the Power of the Blood
A Prayer Toward Inner Healing
A Prayer for Assurance of Salvation
Defeating Belial in the Midst
Disarming The Enemy
Prayer for Our Leaders Guide (One Nation Under God)   2/16
Prayer Before Meetings
Prayer for the News
Prayer for the Persecuted
Prayer to Open the Eyes of the Blind
Praying the Covenant
Psalms to Pray that Bless God

All Prayer Manuals Index

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MCM Radio Broadcasts

You will need Windows Media Player or similar to listen to these files.
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Interview with Mary Craig on CSPN Network Interview on 4/29/10 broadcast on 6/9/10 - 37 min., 35 MB (7-10 min. download via high speed connection)

Divine Appointment Radio Broadcasts

These are powerful, life-changing messages Mary Craig delivered for radio in 1999. There are many more in our archives. If there is enough interest, more of these messages will be made available.

1. You may get a prompt from Microsoft to "upgrade your Media Player". You do not need to upgrade anything to listen to these files. In fact, it is recommended that you do NOT upgrade unless you have a reason to.
2. You may get a prompt from Microsoft to download a "Windows Media codec". Answer YES to download the codec. It is a quick download. Never answer "Yes" to any other prompts on the Internet unless you intend to.

Bringing Heaven to Earth, Part 1 (HiFi) 1/4/99 - For typical modem connections 33.6bps or above
Bringing Heaven to Earth, Part 1 (LoFi) 1/4/99 - For slow connections, 28.8bps or less

Bringing Heaven to Earth, Part 2 (HiFi) 1/5/99 - For typical modem connections 33.6bps or above

Bringing Heaven to Earth, Part 3 (HiFi) 1/6/99 - For typical modem connections 33.6bps or above

Bringing Heaven to Earth, Part 4 (HiFi) 1/7/99 - For typical modem connections 33.6bps or above

Bringing Heaven to Earth, Part 5 (HiFi) 1/8/99 - For typical modem connections 33.6bps or above

More Divine Appointment Radio Broadcasts

More MCM Lessons and Message Recordings

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By Blood and Water
Mary Craig

The Body was broken,
Already dead.
But it was not enough
To the mind of evil.
No, the sword would pierce His side
After He had died.

Evil had its full, every desire
Satisfied and satiated.
But it wasn't enough.
It called for His Blood.
It called for death and the grave.

This One good, called evil by evil ones,
Was truly dead,
His soul surely stripped
Of any, and all, dignity.

At last the Mirror lay broken.
Now nothing, no law
Nor face of God,
Could convict of any flaw.

The contender for the crown
Surely dead,
Surely dead,
The Creator,
Be certain He is dead.

For now I shall reign and rule
As I will,
As I desire, My Self.
I shall be as God.

Is He dead?
Pierce His side that
I may gloat at this goat
Outside the camp.

Alas, what pours forth?
Blood and water?
Tell no one.
Speak of it to none.

Blood and Water?
He will not stay dead,
But rise.

Copyright © 1999 Mary J Craig

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Spiritual Guidance for Hurricanes and Disasters
Some Helpful Articles

Call 91:1 Twenty Four / Seven Dec. 2001
What is our comfort with terror striking its targets daily?
What can we do when we find ourselves falling into worry and fear and anxiety and even panic?...

Storms: Spiritual Torrents Sept. 2004
With Frances and Charley over and Ivan on the way, I am reminded of storms and how we handle them emotionally.
Some people panic, others are anxious but try to hide it, others are in a buying frenzy right now, some have a plan and are putting it into place and others have no plan and ride out the storms by default. Some Christians pray and others plead and beg. Some use platitudes to carry them through and others find their roots deep enough in Christ to keep them unshakeable during the times of turbulence and spiritual torrents....

The Comfort of the Scriptures Jan. 2005
My children have asked me, "Do you believe God now?"
When Charlie the white cat was struck down in the road purposely by a teenage driver, "Do you believe God now?" When Grandpa had a full-scale stroke that left him paralyzed for ten years, "Do you believe God now?" When six animals died in one year, "Do you believe God now?" When two grandmothers died in one year, "Do you believe God now?" When their daddy lost his job, "Do you believe God now?" When the hurricanes came and earthquakes and floods left a path of annihilation unparalleled in human history, "Do you believe God now?"...

In Everything Give Thanks Nov. 2005
Well, folks, we thought the hurricanes had passed, but Wilma breezed by October 24th with 110-120 mph winds leaving the Florida peninsula south of Lake Okeechobee (about ½ of the state) in devastation.
Electricity is lost at 8:00 a.m. as transformers pop and a large olive tree falls to block the street, barely missing the neighbor’s living room. Water is out. Phone lines are down. Tree limbs and leaves cover the ground on every street. Downed fences reveal whatever they were meant to hide, or protect, or conceal. Power lines dangle as streetlights crash to the roadways....

Giving Thanks When Adversity Strikes Nov. 2006
When a heavily armed outsider violated the peace and security of a small one-room schoolhouse in the Amish community
and shot execution-style 10 girls but let teachers, aides, and boys go free, the nation was shocked and outraged at the evil. Five girls aged 7-13 died, and the shooter killed himself; yet the Amish community found it within their hearts to minister the grace and forgiveness of Christ before the watching world by forgiving the assailant and extending forgiveness and financial help to his family. How?...

Psalm 93
The LORD reigneth, he is clothed with majesty; the LORD is clothed with strength, wherewith he hath girded himself: the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved.
Thy throne is established of old: thou art from everlasting.
The floods have lifted up, O LORD, the floods have lifted up their voice; the floods lift up their waves.
The LORD on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea.
Thy testimonies are very sure: holiness becometh thine house, O LORD, for ever.


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