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Toward Inner Healing
(From the book Prayers I, by Dr. Mary Craig)

The prayer of faith regarding the healing of the inner person allows Jesus, the healer, to touch the mind, the emotions, painful memories, dreams, etc. In the process the person is set free from rejection, resentment, anger, self-pity, guilt, shame, depression, fear, sorrow, hatred, condemnation, and worthlessness. Jesus can open prison doors and release the wounded and imprisoned. Crippling pain can disappear, barriers to wholeness can be removed.

As you allow the Holy Spirit perfect liberty and freedom of movement, giving Him access to your mind, soul, spirit, and as you ask Him to help you pray, He will guide you into forgiveness. You might pray something like this:

LORD JESUS CHRIST, it is my desire to forgive everyone in my life. You love me, and the Father loves me even as He loves You (John 17). I want to be made whole and I thank You that You are my healer. I ask, by the power of the Holy Spirit and on the merits of Your blood shed f or me, to be taken back even to conception, and to forgive:

YOU, FATHER GOD, and ask You to forgive me for false ideas about You, and as regards these situations and circumstances ........

I ask forgiveness for not receiving Your forgiveness and for not acting as forgiven regarding my sins, faults, iniquities, failings, and transgressions, particularly as concerns ........

I ask forgiveness for self-hatred and for not accepting who I am in Jesus Christ as Your Word proclaims.

Thank You for Your grace. You are the God of all grace, my Lord and Savior. I choose to serve You and reject and renounce serving satan and sin.

I FORGIVE my mother, my father, sisters, brothers, relatives, spouse(s), children, in-laws, co-workers, neighbors, fellow students, classmates, clergy, congregations, churches, social and civic affiliations, those of differing persuasions and beliefs (e.g., cultures, races, religions, politics, academics), professional people, service and repair people, employers, employees, teachers, instructors, friends, lenders, borrowers, persons with whom I have had money dealings....

I ASK FOR GRACE to forgive that one or ones who have offended, hurt, and wronged me the most, my greatest enemy, the one I said I would or could never forgive. I forgive and release ......... from my judgment.

LORD JESUS, I ask forgiveness for my own offenses, wounds, hurts, and wrongs committed against others. Forgive me for omissions as well. Free me from unforgiveness wherever You find it in me. Grant me faith, repentance, humility, reconciliation. Let Your Holy Spirit fill me with Your light, peace, renewal........

LORD JESUS, walk me back through my life. Heal me, my memories, and make me whole. Release me from any prison and set me free. Set me free from any fears, rejection, lack of love, voids, hurts, empty places, loneliness, broken places, failures, jealousies, disappointments, and.... Let Your light dispel darkness in the recesses of my mind. Help me to love as You love. Fill me with Yourself.

And now, to You, Lord Jesus, who loves me and has loosed me from my sins in Your own precious blood, loose me also from the effects of the sins of others. To you be glory and power forever and ever (Rev. 1:5,6).


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