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Messages of the Week 2008 - L

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Messages Listed Alphabetically 2008 - L

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2008: A Year of Recompenses 1/08
2009: A Year of Judgment 12/08
2010: A Year of Establishment 1/10
2011: A Year Tension (Mission to Asia) 1/11
2012: Recently I couldn't sleep11/11
2013: Will be a Year of Deep Darkness 12/12
2014: This year I will open doors 12/13
2016: What I have received 1/16
2017: A year of opportunity or hardening 12/16
2018: Will be a year of exposure, escape, encounter, and the everlasting Word. 1/18
2019: Word Received for 2019 -- Separation, Invitation 1/19
2020: Word Received for 2020 -- 2020 will be a year of surprises 12/19
2021: A Year of Transformation 12/20
2022: Pondering 2022 in the Presence of the Lord (Word received 12/21) 1/22
2023: What will we see in 2023? 12/22
2024: The Upcoming Year: 2024 12/23
A Christmas Message from the LORD: Such is My Love for You Christmas 2020
A Father to the Fatherless 5/04
A Father's Day Message 6/19/22
A Father's Love (parts 1-5) 10/07
A Lamb for a Household 4/19
A Living Stone Set in Africa 6/04
A New and Living Way (Kingdom of God series) 5/30/21
A Prophet, a Promise, a Persuasive Woman 4/10
A Sabbath Day Surprise 5/15
A Story to Tell to the Nations 2/08
A Word for This Season 7/14
Abide in the Glorified One 8/03
Abiding in the Father's Love 6/18
Accepted in the Beloved 9/10
Access the Father Through the Blood of Jesus... 10/00
Access to God 2/07
Antarctica Mission 1/03
Antarctica Mission Revisited 9/15
Apostolic People: Send Me 5/05
Arete 9/14
Arise, Go 3/01
As God Gives Grace 1/15
Be A Barnabas 5/03
Be A Green Olive Tree 5/09
Be Assured of God's Grace 1/01
Be My Witness 2/06
Be Strong and Very Courageous 9/00
Bear the Stamp of the Sanctuary
Bearing Burdens 3/06
Behold the Face of God 4/03
Behold Your King, Meek and Riding on a Donkey 3/28/21
Believe in the Goodness of God 6/03
SERIES: Benefits of Salvation Jan-Sept 2022
SERIES: Blessing of the Lord March-Dec 2022
Born in a Manger Christmas 2013
Breaking Bondage: Finding Freedom 7/06
Broken for the Bride 3/05
Build Wisely...and Well 1/02
Call Upon the Name of the LORD Christmas 2003
Called out of the Darkness Christmas 2018
Called to His Excellence 7/13
Cherish Christ...and Christmas Christmas 2001
Christ Pantokrator 11/15
Christ the King Christmas 2010
Christmas Blessings: Mission to the Mayas Christmas 2004
Christmas: His Name is Jesus... Christmas 2020
Christmas: What Does It Mean to You? Christmas 2006
Come Out of Her My People... 3/99
Comfort Those Who Mourn 10/01
Complete the Mandate 11/02
Connect Through Giving Thanks 11/01
SERIES: Covenant: God's Way of Relationship May-Dec. 2020
Crowning the Earth with God's Glory 6/09
Cry Out to the Lord 2/03
David: A Covenant Man 5/08
Death: A Separation 4/17
Declare the Glory of God 8/00
Declaring God's Glory in Jerusalem 7/17
Declaring God's Glory to the Nations 8/17
Deliverance from the Prison of Insanity
Desperate Times, Deceit, and the Day of the Lord 9/06
Discern the False Prophet 8/07
Discerning the Time Christmas 2015
Drawing Out Death 1/15
Effects of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ 4/10/23
El Roi 4/11
Embrace the Fire of God's Holy Love 2/01
Enter into His Gates with Thanksgiving. 11/00
Entering the Rest of God.9/08
Enjoy the Benefits of Christian Community 2/00
Establish Justice in the Gate 10/02
Extend Compassion to All Creation 3/02
Faith of Our Fathers 6/10
Fear the LORD: Turn from Folly 7/02
Fight the Good Fight of Faith (And the spiritual war in Europe) 7/01
Find Your Way to a Better Hope 5/01
Finding Freedom in the Covenant 7/04
Finding God's Purpose in His Covenants 5/17/20
Finding in His Heart to Love 2/20
Finding My Way to Contentment 11/14
FInding the Favor of God 10/07
FInding True Liberty 7/14
For the Joy Set Before Him 4/7/23
For This Cause He Came Christmas 2012
For unto us a Child is Born... Christmas 2000
For the Love of God 4/06
From Glory to Glory Christmas 2005
Get it Right with God 7/18
Get Ready for the Glory 1/00
Getting into the Memory of Jesus 11/19
SERIES: Gift of the Holy Spirit Sept 2022 July 2023
Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart 11/03
Giving Thanks with a Grateful Heart 11/17
Giving Thanks When Adversity Strikes 11/06
God, the Faithful God 5/06
God's Enduring Love 10/08
Going After the One 3/08
Good Friday 2015 4/15
Guatemala: The Battle for the Gospel 2/18
He Opened Not His Mouth, Good Friday 4/2/21
Hear God's Heart and Honor Him 3/03
Hear the Word of the Lord 5/02
Holding to the Hope of the Gospel 7/07
Hope, the Last Temptation 4/14
am Your Shield 10/05
I Will Put a Difference 1/09
Identifying the Voice of the Lord 8/05
In Everything Give Thanks 11/05
In the Midst of Our Trials Christmas 2017
Is Anyone Listening? (Mission to Turkey) 9/05
Issues of Destiny 2/15
Jesus Christ: Whose I am and Whom I Serve 11/20
Jesus Entered Jerusalem: The "Man of War" Offering Peace 3/18
Jesus Heals a Demonized Man Blind, Deaf, Mute 3/20
Jesus on Embracing Jubilee 6/20/21
Jesus on Power and Status 7/11/21
Jesus on Wealth and Loyalty 6/13/21
Journey to Samaria 5/14
Kingdom, Church, Culture and Structures 6/27/21
SERIES: Kingdom of God
Lament: From Wrenching Pain to Worship 10/06
Laughter and Life's Little Jokes
Leave a Legacy of Love 6/02
Let Love Be Without Hypocrisy 2/02
Let This Mind be in You 11/13
Let There Be Light 9/01
Let Your Graciousness Be Evident 4/02
Life, Love, and Living Waters 8/06
Life's New Perspective 1/20
Living the Purpose for Which We Were Born
London Mission: A City in Peril
Lord, Remember Me
Love in the Kingdom of God 2/14/21

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